Guide to
home staging

Home staging is the process of cleaning, tidying and de-cluttering your property in preparation for the professional photography shoot. Follow our tips and you'll hit the ground running to a rapid sale

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Achieve a higher price
for your property


Attract quality tenants & achieve
higher rent


Avoid multiple visits
& disruption

Know who you're trying to impress

Step back from the home that you've lived in and try to see it with fresh eyes. Remove anything from your rooms that isn't necessary and pack them away - you'll be moving soon anyway, why not get a head start?

Follow our home staging tips,
and you'll be on your way to a rapid sale

Seasonal home staging

To avoid time-stamping photos, please ensure seasonal decorations are kept down for the photo shoot. If we do capture decorations in photos, unfortunately we won't be able to remove them during the enhancement process.

Empty property

Unfurnished or empty properties require the same home staging treatment as furnished or occupied homes. Please ensure the property is clean, tidy and clutter free to achieve the best results.

Better out than in

Your home's exterior will be the first impression buyers get and a messy one may even deter their interest in viewing the inside. Make sure there are no cars parked on the driveway or in front of your property and ensure your grass and trees are well maintained.

Lovely pets

As much as we love our pets, not everyone does, and it may put a potential buyer off. Not only this, pet bedding, bowls and toys can make a room look untidy, so keep them out of site when staging your home.

Your personal data

We recommend that all personally identifiable data be removed from sight prior to our visit to avoid any of your personal data being displayed in our visual content (e.g. household bills & family photos).

For our 360 content customers

If we’re capturing 360° content for your property there’ll be nowhere to ‘hide’ clutter out of shot. Remember to make the most of storage space and follow the steps above.